Third Way

You can also help with a donation at PayPal.
Use the secured link featured below. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. 
A donation gift of 12 dollars for one year of support is only one dollar a month!

We need your help to pay our broadcast fees and keep our music webcasts live for you.
Any amount will be greatly appreciated. There are three ways to help.

First Way

VIP Members of Live365 (those who pay a small monthly fee to enjoy unlimited access and listen commercial free) can actually help Classic Blues Radio financially. For each hour a VIP Members listens, I receive a small reward bounty which offsets my own monthly fees, so VIP Members keep playing Classic Blues Radio!

Support this station and listen ad-free with Live365 Preferred Membership!
Second Way

How to Donate at

 1. Visit this link:  
 2. Select "Or select a dollar amount" and indicate how
     much you wish to donate in the drop down.
 3. Enter contact info and complete the checkout.
 Please be sure to include my email address: 
 as this is how Live365 will be able to deliver the certificate to me!